We live in a time that provides us with 24 hour saturation news coverage, on the hour, 365 days of the year. Gone are the days when if one missed the 6.00 pm evening news, one had to wait until 10.00 pm to hear the next scheduled evening news broadcast. With the advance in digital technology and the advent of social media, we have become the most informed generation in human history.

Recently, I listened to a news broadcast which lasted about ten minutes, and I could not help but be struck by the weight of negative news that was featured in that bulletin. There was a report on the continued tension on the Korean Peninsula and the threat of military conflict which could cause massive devastation and loss of life. This was followed by the reported threat that Iran was considering the testing of a nuclear bomb. Then came the distressing scenes of the carnage caused in the wake of the hurricanes that have blighted parts of the Caribbean and the Southern States of America. Lastly we were reminded of the stalemate that seems to be the position in respect of the Brexit negotiations between Britain and the E.U. Obviously news channels have to be objective and balanced in their reporting, but one cannot help but wonder that this tide of negative news may be a prime cause in the reported levels of stress and anxiety afflicting so many in society today.

The word ‘GOSPEL’ literally means; ‘GOOD NEWS’! Two thousand years ago, Jesus mandated His disciples to take this good news of the gospel to the nations of the world. This was to be a message of hope, peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation, and remains the prime task of the Church in 21st century society. This life changing message is the antidote to the fear and uncertainty that prevails in the lives of so many people today. It is a message that is proclaimed around the clock on a 24 hour basis, overlapping international time zones, with literally thousands of people encountering Jesus Christ on a daily basis. It is a message of hope that can be embraced by all who call upon Jesus at any moment.