During the course of a normal lifetime we are called to make literally thousands of decisions. Some are made without thinking; they usually involve matters to do with the mundane affairs of everyday life. Other decisions we are called upon to make will have a bearing on the future direction of our lives; our life partner, career, major purchases, the education of our children etc. In the making of these decisions we need great wisdom.

In thinking about this, I am reminded of the story of a courthouse that stands on a hill in a Midwestern State of America. The building is so situated that raindrops falling on one side of the roof travel by way of the Great Lakes into the Atlantic, while drops landing on the opposite side find their way through the Ohio and Mississippi to the Gulf. Just a breath of wind one way or the other may determine whether a single raindrop will end up either in the Gulf or the Atlantic. In the midst of the decisions of life, one single decision is enough to determine our eternal destiny. The key factor is whether we acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, or do we reject Him and His offer of grace and mercy. The choice is yours!