Greetings, and welcome to the web site of Elim Christian Centre, Glossop, Derbyshire, U.K. I write this the day following the completion of the visit to the U.K. of President Donald Trump, a visit that has certainly ruffled a few feathers! I do not want to comment on the policies or the person of the President, but I do believe that there has to be respect for ‘The Office he holds’. It is in the interests both of our nation and the United States that a strong bi-lateral working relationship exists in the areas of trade, defence, and relationships with the wider global community of nations. At the same time we need to defend the right for there to be the expression of legitimate and constructive political debate and dialogue.

Some months ago, in the early months of his Presidency, Donald Trump coined the phrase ‘FAKE NEWS’ in response to what he considered to be factually incorrect reporting by CNN in relation to some of his policies. During his visit to the U.K., he was interviewed by the Sun newspaper and made unflattering comments about the British Prime Minister; Theresa May and her policy on BREXIT. When holding a press conference with the Prime Minister, he sought to ‘Row Back’ from some of the comments made in his interview with the Sun and labelled them ‘FAKE NEWS’! Unfortunately for Mr Trump, the Sun newspaper has been able to produce the original sound transcript of the interview!

The word ‘GOSPEL’, commonly regarded as the core message taught by Jesus Christ, has an interesting meaning; ‘GOOD NEWS’ Amidst all of the claim and counter-claim of politicians, the message of the gospel is a message that brings hope and light into situations where there is confusion and despair. At the heart of this message are the words spoken by Jesus Christ when He likened Himself to be ‘THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD’. The mission of the Church has always been and always will be to proclaim and to demonstrate the abiding values that Jesus taught and modelled, values such as forgiveness and reconciliation.  It is the genuine article and not FAKE!