We have sadly come to the end of an era whereby we are saying goodbye to Pastor Alistair and his family. I’m sure you will agree with me that they will all be missed. His teaching over the last 25 years has benefited the whole church and we are so much the better for his ministry.

It goes without saying that they will remain in our thoughts and prayers as they embark on a new adventure. Also, Pastor Alistair is launching out into new horizons and retirement with a new ministry. I am certain that God will really bless him in his endeavours.

So where do we go from here?

Quite simply, the church will be looking forward to new horizons under the careful leadership of Mick, Jill, Joy and myself. We are really excited about what God is going to do with His church next!

But it’s not just about us… Joy and I have always tried to engender the family ethos and we as a church we are a family and, as such, will be working together, with you, to put into place what God wants for us. New horizons means exciting times ahead, times of refreshing, times of new vision, times of seeking after God, but most importantly times of putting our collective shoulders to the wheel. As a team, and as a family, we will work together to see this church grow and find itself very much on the spiritual map of Glossopdale.

As a new horizon mission statement to the area we live in, we believe that as bona fide members of God’s family, we are entitled to shout from the very roof of our church building that…


and all are welcome to experience the joys of family life under God with us! New horizons beckon a fresh outlook and a vision to be everything that God wants us to be!