May I take this opportunity on behalf of the Church community here at Elim Christian Centre, Glossop, Derbyshire. U.K., of wishing each and every one of you a very Happy and Blessed New Year. At this time of the year, once all of the festivities of the Christmas season have died down, we often pause and reflect upon the year that has just closed, and look ahead to the challenges and opportunities of the year that lies ahead of us. The passing of a year can serve to remind us of the good times, but also the more difficult moments we have been through. For some, reading this today, 2018 may have been a year of disappointment, loss, and heartache. If this is you, may I assure you of my thoughts and prayers as you read this today. My prayer is that for you, 2019 may be a year of renewed hope and prosperity. From a Christian perspective, this can only be fully realised as we place our faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, the One who promises ‘Peace in the midst of the storm’!

As we embark upon this year, we do so against a backdrop of political fear and uncertainty in our nation. Our Political Leaders seemed to have reached an impasse over the whole issue of BREXIT, and it would seem that there is a very real possibility of us exiting the EU on a ‘NO DEAL’ basis. Many are expressing grave concern were this to happen. Whatever our views on this issue may be, there is one thing for certain, and that is that our nation stands at a crossroads in terms of its spiritual life and health. There is an urgent need for the Church in the nation to re-discover her prime mission, that being the agent through which the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed and demonstrated to our communities. This message is a message that brings hope, peace, joy, and a purpose for life. A strong and prosperous nation must be built upon strong spiritual foundations.

The Bible exhorts us to pray for those who are in authority, yes, our Political Leaders, that whatever their persuasion may be, that they will seek to govern with righteousness and integrity. Imagine the change in the political climate in the nation were this to happen.
May 2019 be for you a year of great opportunity and blessing as you face the issues and circumstances of the weeks and months ahead.