New Year greetings to you all from the congregation here at Elim Christian Centre, Glossop, Derbyshire. U.K. As we look back upon 2017, we acknowledge that it has been a year in which major seismic changes have taken place here in the U.K., and in the wider world. Here in the U.K., we have witnessed the tragic loss of life following the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London. Similar attacks have happened in other parts of the world also resulting in the loss of life. We have the political uncertainty that has ensued following the indecisive result of the General Election and the complex negotiations in respect of Brexit.  In spite of these events, we need to reflect upon the blessings and the positive aspects of 2017, and look forward with hope and expectancy to 2018.

We enter 2018 acknowledging that challenges lie ahead for us as individuals, for our families, and our communities and nation. However, it is important that we look ahead in a positive spirit to embrace the opportunities a new year brings. People look ahead to 2018 with fear and uncertainty, and in many cases this is understandable. For the Christian believer, the New Year represents a season of fresh challenge as we continue to put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ. The gospel writers record how that Jesus spoke to His disciples promising them peace and security in the midst of uncertain times. The words spoken by Jesus to His disciples ring true for us today.