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Thank God for Jerome’s surgery going so well. Pray he has a full recovery ❤️‍🩹

Thank God for Margaret who has been given the all clear after surgery for cancer. She’s had an amazing group of people who have been praying for her.

Please could you pray for Life Church in Hyde as they begin their journey as a church? Pray that God would bless them so they can be a blessing to Hyde?

More on prayer...

How to Pray: A Simple Guide for Normal People by Pete Grieg

There are a lot of books on prayer - here's the blurb of one of our favourites: "Pete Greig has been teaching on prayer - and leading a non-stop prayer movement - for twenty years. Now, for the first time, he puts his life's work into a response to the question everybody ultimately asks: how do I pray? This down-to-earth introduction to life's greatest adventure will guide you deeper in your relationship with God, helping you to become more centred and still, clearer in discerning God's voice, more able to make sense of your disappointments and more expectant for miraculous breakthroughs too."
Find it here on Amazon

YouVersion Prayer

Did you know that you can use the YouVersion Bible App for 'Guided Prayer' as well? "Want to talk with God but don't know what to say? Guided Prayer can help you learn how to pray, leading you step by step through a prayer experience modelled after the Lord's Prayer." Use the incredible app that is YouVersion for free.