Greetings, and welcome to the web site of the Elim Christian Centre, Glossop, Derbyshire, U.K. I bring you greetings from the congregation here at Elim, our prayer is that you and your family may know the peace and presence of God as we celebrate this glorious season of Easter. Easter is one of the most important dates on the Christian calendar and is celebrated by millions of Christians globally. It is a message that speaks of hope arising out of deep despair. The central character in this, the greatest story ever told, is our Lord and Saviour; Jesus Christ.

The great joy of the Easter message can be summed up in the following true story:-

A Priest who found a branch of a thorn tree twisted around so that it
resembled a crown of thorns thought carefully as to how he could
use it. Thinking about thorns being one of the symbols or crucifixion,
he placed it on the altar in his chapel on Good Friday. Early on Easter
Morning, he remembered what he had done. Feeling that it was not
appropriate for Easter Sunday, he hurried into the Church to clear it
away before the congregation gathered for worship. When he entered
the Church, he found the thorn branches blossoming with beautiful roses.

Hope for our broken and confused world, and peace for mankind can only be found in knowing the Christ of the cross, and the Christ of the empty tomb. The core message of the Christian gospel is expressed in the message of Jesus Christ, the crucified and risen Saviour. His story is truly the greatest story ever told. Why not put your faith and trust in this Jesus today so that you can experience the joy and peace that only He can bring.